Thursday, June 07, 2012

How to create iphone Apps with no programming experience

Do you have an idea for an app and are you wondering what to do with it? Well, here is what i found when i looked online for some options.

Option 1

Option 2

Not sure if these work. But no harm giving it a shot eh..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Joke is on Indian Banking

With the ICICI's of  India heralding the technology revolution in Indian banking, one would hope everything is moving in the right direction for customers. And that is indeed true so far as the spread of banking and their ability to touch the lives of people in remote parts of the country is concerned. But, I am not sure if any of our prominent bankers or the market has publicly acknowledged or even taken note of the impact these changes have had on the core concept of Banking. Gone are the days you could walk into a Bank and expect to talk to someone who understands or even knows what he is talking about.

Ms Chanda Kochar may be basking under the praise and attention she has been receiving Internationally as the head of India's leading Bank, and probably well deserved too. But she will do herself and her customers a great service by opening an account in her own bank and calling up the toll free number for help or even walk into a branch and engage anyone there in a conversation on any one of the numerous products they are hawking.  A five minute call or conversation will affirm the following - they have no clue what they are talking about, their knowledge has a narrow sales focus and they have no opinion, thought or clue on any other aspect of banking besides what they handle and lastly that each and every one of them can be easily replaced by an automaton.

I have banked with ICICI long enough to know that they have not always been this way. But they have been progressively getting worse over the last few years. A recent call to their call center confirmed that the transition is complete at last. I certainly hope this was a planned transition that the management team put in place, as it certainly will be the next most talked about new case study at our IIM's (after Laloo's Railway case study of course) . The plan is simply ingenious. Train your customers or force them to get used to dealing with human automatons, so that, one day they can lay off the whole work force and replace them with more personable robots. And I have to congratulate the management team of executing the plan to perfection. That day has arrived!

If you have any misgivings on the above theory, please call your ICICI Customer support for the smallest of issues you could have and they will be more than happy to dish out perfectly useless information, based on a set of rules. It doesn't matter if your circumstance is a little different, sorry the ICICI team didn't think you could be in such a situation and therefore the standard rule applies.  So then you think, its time to talk to a manager, this is where a little "discretion" may be required. And then the "automaton" theory will hit you in the face.  The manager of course has no idea what discretion means and simply repeats what the earlier guy said, only in better English.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Airtel Service worse than our public services??

Over the last few months i noticed that i was consistently crossing my 4 GB usage limit. So I placed a request for an increased broadband usage limit with the Airtel Customer Care center.

They duly made note of my request and confirmed that the service would be enabled within 5 working days. And that someone would call me to confirm the same. Its been 3 weeks since this.

I have given up hopes that they will ever do it. Today out of sheer frustration, i decided to post a complaint online on their website. Guess what that resulted in. A page that says sorry we cannot process your request. What does this mean? They cannot even accept a complaint. Then why create a page for complaints at all???

Its simply making a mockery of the indian public... Shame on you Airtel!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

BangNoos !!

If there is one thing that unites all Bangaloreans it is the nostalgia and longing for the old Bangalore, with its wide roads and great weather.Indeed, that Bangalore is a thing of the past, and the Bengaluru of today is a monster devouring into our resources every day, growing at such a rapid pace that all our resources: roads, basic civic amenities like water, electricity, drainage, housing and pavements are all waiting to burst under the tremendous pressure.
With the political climate looking extremely favourable and a new Government ready to turn the tide around for this city, everythings being turned upside down to get things in order. Large infrastructure projects, each with their own bunch of litigations, integrated plans to improve the city by BBMP, roadworks, drainage works, Parks, Lakes, Power, Water everythings under the scanner.
Bangalore is making its last ditch effort to salvage its image as the Garden City with great weather and great infrastructure.
It occured to me that it would be great to track these changes to Bangalore, as it tries to pull itself out of the muck its stuck in.
It is with this intention that the blog BangNooS!, short for Bangalore Noos(News), was brought to life.
I hope it will meet its objective of tracking the Civic Life in Bangalore and reach out to all those Bangaloreans across the world, attract comments and be a source of active participation from all those who love this Green City.
All your suggestions and comments are most welcome!.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Now, thread ceremony via Internet

CHENNAI: Overseas Indians who wish to go through the annual ritual of changing the sacred thread (poonool) on August 5 (for Yajur Veda adherents), need not worry about finding a guru to perform the Upakarma rituals.

All they need to do now is to log on to, and they can find a guru to chant the right mantras.

Designed by two Chennai-based persons, S K Sundararajan, who is concerned about preserving the country’s traditions and heritage, and Ramkumar Ramamurthy, an IT professional, the web initiative will help Brahmins living in four time zones — Australia, Middle-East, the USA and Europe — to go through the Anushthanam with ease at home in front of their PCs.

All one has to do to avail of the services of a guru back home is to register with the website (there is no charge) and keep ready the items required for the ceremony, including the sacred thread, at the time specified on theonline portal.

Although there is a school of thought that anyone going out of this Karma Bhoomi (India) loses the eligibility to perform such rituals, this initiative provides an opportunity for all Brahmins to perform Upakarma all over the world even if finding a guru to chant the mantras in their area is a stupendous task.

Details about the day’s events are available on the website, which also seeks a purely voluntary donation as vadhiyar dakshinai ( a token for the services performed by the guru) and for continuing its research and service in preserving the Indian heritage.